Episode 37 – Interview with Dr. Jeff Kiker about Naturopathy and Homeopathy


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Dr Jeffrey Kiker, ND is a Naturopathic Physician with over 20 years in natural/alternative health care field and enjoys working with patients, teaching and exploring new ideas. He maintains a private practice as clinical director of Holistic Therapies Naturopathic Health Center incorporating bodywork and Naturopathic medicine in Evergreen, CO with his wife, also a ND and 1 year old baby girl.

He holds several degrees; a Doctorate from National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) 2008. Post-graduate studies in women’s health and bHRT, BS Biology, Philosophy minor, Metro State College Denver (MSCD) 2002, CMT Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) 1996. He has had the opportunity to teach human sciences under extraordinary mentors at BCMT, MSCD and NCNM where he began to develop his own coursework. In addition to his clinical duties he currently holds an adjunct faculty teaching position at BCMT teaching A /P& Pathology, and hosts Holistic Therapies a weekly natural medicine radio show. He has also worked at the national level on several legislative initiatives focused on Naturopathic medicine.

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  • Sam

    homeopathy is nothing but a cruel deception. sugar pills and “magic” water. shame on you for promoting this quackery.

    • Anonymous

      Did you actually listen the whole podcast? I really believe there’s good information here. In the end, I respect your comments.

      • Sam

        yes I did listen to the entire podcast. nothing but inaccurate   pseudo-science. nothing of any use for a professional massage therapist. I must say I was disappointed since there is so much good information out there you could be sharing with your audience, and especially since your podcast is by far the best ( apart from this one) podcast out there