Episode 26 – Treating Pain with Simple Contact – Barrett Dorko, P.T.


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Barrett Dorko is a 1973 graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Physical Therapy. He began his career with a deep fascination for instinctive motion and the way it might be used to treat neurologic conditions such as stroke and cerebral palsy.

Turning his attention to orthopedic problems, primarily spinal pain, he became adept at manipulative technique and taught workshops across the United States while working at a specialty clinic in Atlanta. Returning to Ohio in 1979, Barrett conducted a solo practice focusing on spinal pain while continuing to teach and beginning his career as a writer for several publications. His method of management began to reflect his initial interest in inherent movement, this time for painful problems. Simple Contact, a method of manual and verbal communication, was developed during this period.

Leaving private practice in 2007, Mr. Dorko now works in skilled nursing facilities near his home while occasionally traveling to teach. He writes daily, principally for SomaSimple.com.

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  • Barrett Dorko

    I enjoyed doing this and appreciate the opportunity. I failed to mention that you can find me doing short bits of lecture from my course along with a couple demonstrations of Simple Contact on YouTube. Just put my name into a search there.

    Barrett Dorko

  • KarenLinesRMT

    Understanding and knowledge have banished a lot of ignorance over the centuries. Knowing what to know and what to understand has always been a great challenge, especially today when information is so readily available.

    To treat people who come to us with a primary complaint of pain we should primarily treat pain. The knowledge to acquire and understand pain is not difficult or expensive to obtain. The peer review papers for a good understanding of pain are freely available on the internet. There are places to discuss and ask question freely available. SomaSimple and I also recommend http://www.painresearchforum.org/

    As massage therapists it is our professional duty to understand pain physiology to the best of our ability.