Episode 14 – MyoFinder iPhone app with Clint Chandler


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Interview with Clint Chandler, who is the creator of MyoFinder a media rich iPhone app that helps students and practitioners learn the location, attachment sites, actions, and palpation techniques for 78 individual muscles.

Clint Chandler has been teaching and practicing manual and massage therapy for over 20 years. Clint is a recognized educator in the field of massage therapy, receiving the Jerome Perlinski National teacher of the year award in 2002 for his distinguished service in education. His extensive experience spans over 20 years of clinical practice in massage and manual therapy and an additional 8 years in Physical Rehabilitation.

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Rocky Mountain Bodywork Seminars

  • Valrozk

    Ok Clint, couldn’t bear to listen to the whole thing because I’m so jealous of those who have the myofinder. Just made me want it even more than before.
    Still have to wait until either I break down and get an ipad or until my current Verizon phone plan is up for renewal (summer of 2012) and I switch from a Droid to the iphone.
    OR until maybe it gets formatted to fit the Droid…hint, hint (don’t worry, I remember what you told me about that whole thing and I won’t get on you about it again).